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CCGPS Talking Points
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Handout 1: Anchor Standards (pdf)

Handout 2: Math CC (pdf)

Handout 3: PL Timeline (pdf)


CCGPS Overview for Administrators
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ELA Handout 1 (pdf)

Math Handout 2 (pdf)

Handout 3 (pdf)

Handout 4 (pdf)

Handout 5 (pdf) 

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ELA Myths vs Facts (pdf)

CCGPS Timeline (pdf)

CCGPS Secondary Rollout (pdf) 

Math CCGPS from DOE (pdf)  (ppt)

CCGPS Mathematics Overview (pdf)

CCGPS Secondary Rollout (pdf)

CCGPS Math Timeline (pdf)

CCGPS Timeline (pdf)

Math Common Core Grade Overview (pdf)